Quik Shade Folding Tents has a wide selection of quality tents and shade awnings in a variety of styles and durability. We offer commercial and heavy-duty retail tents as well as more convenient options for portable shade. Check out our Sport, Weekender, Summit, Commercial, and Go series to find the tent perfect for any occasion.


Behind Quik Shade™ is Bravo Sports a multinational company with offices and production facilities in the United States, Italy and China. Established in California in the 1980s, Bravo originally set out to develop and manufacture polyurethane wheels for inline, roller skates, and skateboards. Alongside this core business, new ideas and products were used to constantly break into new markets. Quik Shade™ is one of these ideas.


The secret of Quik Shade™'s success is as simple as it is believable. Innovation plus Quality. We show this added value in the product, in its packaging, as well as product presentation. Quik Shade™ offers an array of instant shade tents that are easy to set up and collapse, making them perfect for everyday use. Whether you're out working on the car under a Quik Shade™ pop-up tent, keeping cool in the desert while riding dirt bikes with friends, or just relaxing at the beach, Quik Shade™ enclosures have you covered - literally... Strong, rugged and economical, Quik Shade™ products are designed and built with quality and affordability in mind, and come in a variety of colors and grades to match any specific use. Ideal for tailgates, beach days, lawn parties, concerts, or any other outdoor activity, Quik Shade™ is the number one choice for high-quality, long-lasting, affordable shade canopies.


All Quik Shade™ tents comply with CPAI-84 (Canvas Product Association International) Standards. This fire-retardant standard is required by most retailers and is used as a base standard by fire marshals throughout the United States.


Quik Shade™ is a household name for tents/canopies. The original. This boils down to a simple formula: pioneering spirit + experience = original. This thought has led the way for our brand and is reflected in every single one of our products. Promoting outstanding customer satisfaction that only an original can give. There is not a better way of putting our idea into words than calling it the “fast shadow”.


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